the joys and oddities of serendipity

Sometimes, a little hand pops along the small of your back and urges you forward, just a little but, just in the “c’mon girl, let’s go this way” kind of way. I always cherish these messages from the universe, and try to listen to them. They haven’t steered me too wrong as yet, although getting used to Scrivener and the switch to Mac might have been a wrong direction.

This week, I did a job interview that told me two things.  One, I had no reason to regret my past worklife, and two, it’s time to move on into my new one.

Today I hauled my wracked MS laden body out for a walk, thinking about where to go next. I’ve been idly thinking about taking courses in ethics at a local University, maybe using my past health care knowledge to do some focused articles about a few things. My job interview told me that I can still learn things quickly, get a grip on the situation, produce analysis. So as I lurched into the shopping centre, who should I find there but a representative of the very college I was thinking of attending.  We chatted, and I got inspiration for my future plans, and perhaps some ideas for my son.

Then I mentioned I was a writer and the lass at the table became incandescent.  Her eyes lit up and zoomed into my soul.  I smiled, and said, “so, you’re a writer, too?” She almost exploded with joy.

In no time we were discussing the critique group I am involved with with the Canadian Author’s Association, which has several people in it who write what she wants to write. We connected, and I hope she comes to join our group. I think it would be good for her….

And I feel like the gentle hand of serendipity has pushed me toward taking a better focus toward the CAA group, and toward the development I want to do.

Sometimes the path lies open before us….and sometimes the gods put the searchlights on and guide our way.  It’s folly to ignore them.