Dancing with flashing

Flash fiction is fun. I like the idea of dashing off short pieces and then throwing them out to the ether. It gets me past that scathing internal editor,

and often fairly good writing ensues. My favourite thing is to write in to CBC in response to something I’ve heard or a request for emails. I’m usually in bed dozing when these come along on the morning show and have to spring up, get to the computer and write within a few minutes, or miss the chance.

Some of the pieces I work on a little bit more.  Here’s one I submitted in response to a first date query:


Nothing significant, or life changing, but it gets me out there, makes me write, lets me write. It’s similar to Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, but more focused o

utward, rather than on self.

New vow – write one piece of flash fiction every morning….and then mine it for gold.