Waist circumference, or oh my goshens, why am I so short?

Was listening to the John Tesh radio show last night – he was talking about waist circumferences and the risks of having a big ‘un. His final comment was “And remember, your waist circumference should NEVER be more than half your height!”
This is so unfair. I am a charmingly sweet 4’11” tall. 60 inches if you count my hair. So according to this report, the largest my waist circumference should be is 30 inches (including hair).
Your average 6 footer gets a full 6 inches more than me, hair or no.
We won’t dwell on when the last time was that I had a 30 inch waistline, but let’s just say it was BK and probably BC.
My chickens are coming home to roost (maybe that’s what’s around my waistline?). Back when I was a kid growing up, I used to tease my dad terribly during his weight loss struggles. He had measured his neck, arms, legs, waist, and was sharing the tales of woe with me, hoping for some sympathy. I helpfully pointed out that if he hacked off his arm at the shoulder, it still wouldn’t fit around his neck, that his leg wouldn’t wrap around his waist, that it only took one and a half necks to encompass the length of his leg. From the hip.
I think he found it all a bit graphic, somehow.
Now I can hear his chuckle as I envision trying to wrap my 24 inch legs around my (somewhat larger) waist, or notice that my arm would fit around my neck – just barely.
Thanks, John Tesh. I needed that.