The perils of Ebooks

Okay, I’m in a spot here.  My apartment is full of books yet to be read. And books read but needing to be kept. I am the most loved Amazon customer ever – all they have to do is suggest a book and I feel the need to put it in my wishlist.  When I feel sad, I pick books from my wish list and Amazon sends them winging to me to add to the pile. Every once and awhile I dig the dog out from under a few of them and take him walkies.

But now I have a Kobo, which is like a Nook or Sony eReader for those of you not fortunate enough to live in that frozen tundra we call Canada. It’s instant instant gratification! I see a book I want, I check the website, I order it, and there it is! In seconds. It is NOT good for an impulsive, compulsive book shopper like myself.

Now, I could probably be better about all this if I had a good used bookstore nearby, like the fantastic Bookland in Kingston, ON, but I doubt it.  It’s just such a thrill to get a book immediately after wanting it! And best of all, I can stack all the books up and they are safe from marauding puppies, and I can read them without my glasses and carry them with me everywhere…

I can see this is going to be a nightmare for budgeting, just like Itunes (all the music you even dream of), or Rogers on demand TV. It doesn’t seem like real money that I’m spending.  It just seems like magic. And a wee $10 here and there can add up pretty fast…Worst of all is that the books aren’t visible, crowding me out of space, so I don’t get the feeling I should stop buying them.

My my.  I am in a mess. A glorious mess, she says, giddy with joy at the glee of grabbing books without even having to step outside…Which, in this weather, is too lovely to be believed.