Why? Why? Why? And Euuuuccccchhhhh!

Spring, glorious spring! It’s gorgeous here today – sunny and bright and cool but not cold and my puppy is begging for a walk should my legs cooperate – but I just came back from the shop and had to tap dance my way through the globs of spit everywhere on the sidewalk.


WHY do people feel the need to spit on the sidewalk?  Or at all? Is there some epidemic of excessive salivary gland production? And if so, yucky yucky!  Where is the medical research, treatment, the isolation of affected individuals, preferably on islands apart from the rest of us?

Do people think they have the right to just secrete all over the place?  Should I pause to defecate or blow my nose on the pavement as, hey, it’s my land, too? It is revolting, and I keep thinking of the olden days when Tuberculosis ran rampant and part of the sharing of the glory was because everyone was horking up globs of infectious stuff.

It’s RUDE, people! For some reason, men seem to feel they need to do this – women are generally more restrained, thank heavens, or we’d be swimming in lakes of the stuff. Between the globs glittering in the sun and the endless cigarette butts people fling all over the place, a walk in spring is somewhat less glorious than it should be. And don’t get me started on the un-picked-up dog poop. Also inexcusable.

Just to add a little repugnancy, I was walking with my cane today as my legs are thinking about a wee holiday, and the tip slid in a glob. I staggered for balance, clutched my stomach for gagging.

Hold the darn stuff in.  Your body is designed to swallow it.  You are supposed to let it go through your digestive system.  It helps digest your food, bathe your teeth with helpful bacteria, allow you to swallow.  There is NO reason to share it with the world. Keep it in or I’ll find you and smear something yucky on your shoes.

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1 thought on “Why? Why? Why? And Euuuuccccchhhhh!

  1. Joss

    I so relate. why is it people, read here mostly men, can’t swallow this stuff? Of if you do need to spit, turn your head away from others and do so into a kleenex for goodness sake. It is a most disgusting habit and no one, no one, wants to walk by your spit. ewww


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