Dogs and poos and vet bills

Okay, I love my dog. He’s sweet, he’s good company, he’s cheerful and he makes me laugh. He makes me walk when I don’t want to walk, he cuddles in with me when it’s cold, he interferes with my knitting, he eats my leftovers.

But I wonder.

I got him a little over a year ago. He cost the usual in vet bills and flea medications and deworming and supplies and was spoiled to extremes with toys and chewies and etc. Then the unexpected costs started. He came to me with a vicious ear infection – several treatments and trips to the vet later, it cleared up. Cost: $200. It came back. Cost: $100. He arrived with bladder stones – needed urinalyses and X-rays and special foods and trips to the vet for checking and so on and so forth. Estimated cost – probably over $500, closer to $800. Now he’s sick AGAIN, with upset stomach and coughing and all that despite being immunized to extremes. Cost for today: $140. Probably got it from the doggie day care I take him to when I need to do things. Cost for that – about $20 a half day.

So far, this little friend has probably cost me over $4000 in various costs. I dunno if it is sustainable for me, on my limited income. I love him madly, but when does it become too much to carry? He’s a sweet, good pup, but if this first year of his life is any indication, I’m in for a world of trouble.

And I haven’t even added in the cost of having to live where I do because no apartments here in the area accept dogs – except this wildly expensive one. Or party ones. Or drug dealing ones.

I don’t know what to do.

What do I do?