Super Sad True Habits of Highly Effective Writers: Part 1 | Tin House

9 05 2012

I want this fort

Super Sad True Habits of Highly Effective Writers: Part 1 | Tin House.

I LOVE this.  Lots of good tips in this article for writing/procrastinating/not writing/drinking.

So, what do you folks do before you take on a task, writing or other?

I’m a fan of the organize cupboard choice, and Karen Shepard’s description sounds way too familiar. Alas, I don’t clean my closets. I waste time other ways, mostly involving eating.

Though Sarah Rose Etter’s suggestion sounds tempting.

Finally, for me, when all else fails, I resort to Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die “putting the prod in productivity”. It works. Online it’s free. There are versions for iPad and desktop. It rules, absolutely.




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18 05 2012

Thanks for sharing the links and your own suggestions!



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