The Power of Percolation


The Power of Percolation.

Blog from author Pam Callow, one of the sweetest people I’ve met, and one who writes gruesome (and wonderfully good) thrillers.

I could really identify with the concept of percolation she mentions – I know my friend Tim often wonders what is going on in my head as days pass with me doing nothing but staring into the middle distance or cooking soups or rug hooking or whatever. Then it’s like a blister bursting (sorry, nurse here) – the story comes out in one flow for the rough draft and I can’t stop it for love nor money. Then I go about with glazed eyes for another reason.

I remember my ex remarking uncharitably about how I could possibly just sit down and write my Master’s thesis in 10 days while he toiled on his thesis. I did almost get a distinction on it, too! The thing was I was percolating it in my head.

Of course sometimes the percolation comes up to deadlines and then panic sets in…Like now…

But first, some coffee, and the ingredient Pam doesn’t mention – chocolate!

Gotta run…