The gathering gloom

It was lovely waking early today, with an extra hour to laze about before I headed into the last day of training. I finished it without collapsing!!! And now have a certificate suitable for framing for my troubles. Only got into one mild fisticuff, so I’m feeling pretty proud. Soon I’ll be able to inflict my knowledge on others…
But now it’s evening, and the new daylight has all been used up and so have I. November seems November-ish, all of a sudden- dark and gloomy and with winter hovering in the clouds overhead. The wind, so warm til now, thanks to Sandy, has remembered how it is supposed to blow.
The sky looks leaden, almost snow- laden…
On the good side, no more classes for this course, so tomorrow I’ll get to snuggle under the covers, read a little, and get caught up on NaNoWriMo, where I have fallen horribly behind.
And maybe the sun will come back, just for one more day…


1 thought on “The gathering gloom

  1. shewrite63

    I admire the writers who have the time, energy and stamina for NaNoWriMo. This time of year and the weather it brings makes me want to curl up and sleep for six months or sip tea and read a good book. Otherwise, cooking chili, soup and stews are welcome activities as we look forward to the winter festivities.


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