Prying myself out of bed

It’s a cold sunny morning, perfect for fall. I’m due to get up, face the day, head for the gym, sort out my week.
And I’m dawdling.
Lately I’ve been fighting fatigue, struggling with a MS generated slowness and pain. But that’s no excuse. When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was Sooo Sooo tired. I called the clinic. They told me I should rest until I felt better. If I’d taken that advice I’d have stayed in bed since then, gradually losing muscle strength and courage.
I’ve learned over time that I have to push myself through the fatigue. I have to exercise, set up goals, meet them and move on.
The goals have to constantly change, based on the state of my disease, and that’s both a challenge and a blessing. I can let myself off the hook legitimately and lazily, and no one knows the difference.
Right now, my goal is to get out the door to the gym. I’ve got to run…or at least stagger!
“Feet don’t fail me now” has a special meaning, but I’m still saying it!