H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Young Writers

H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Young Writers.

Excellent stuff, again posted by Biblioklept. Follow them if you haven’t already!

4 thoughts on “H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Young Writers

  1. Audrey

    WebMd is dangerous for me for just this reason. Ok, it did correctly diagnose me as pregnant, but it has also convinced me son has had Scarlett Fever, Fifth’s Disease and a host of other things that were probably just teething or simply a cold combined with a rash from not rinsing all the soap off from his bath and then itching it.


    1. dorothyanneb Post author

      My favourite disease of my kids was hand, foot and mouth disease, which I got my son through by telling him it was a pig disease (he was delighted).


  2. Cathy MacKenzie

    So, Dr. DA. Diagnose me: I’ve had a queasy stomach since before Christmas. It’s not debilitating, but just feels yucky. I’m still out and about, still eating and drinking, etc. I seem to feel better after I eat something, but then it comes back. I WAS sick over the holidays (cold, sore throat, flu-stuff, headachy), but I’m over all that and doesn’t seem connected. I’m so worried it’s something serious, like stomach cancer or something. Afraid to go online and look it up. Anyhow…Dr. DA has any thoughts to make me feel better?????


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