Feelings, whoa whoa whoa

I’m lolling in bed today. It’s something like -22 outside and the thought of heading out to go swimming is horrible to contemplate.
I’d rather curl up in my cozy flannel sheets and sleep til spring.
But then I remember the feeling of the water, flowing past me as I do my laps. The feeling of my arms and legs pushing against the pressure of the water, the way it makes my muscles and lungs feel as I go, to and fro, to and fro.
I can lose myself in swimming, much as one can lose oneself in making love. It’s almost an out of body experience in both instances, except in reverse. You are totally in your body. Maybe it’s more of an out of mind experience. No thinking, just the sensation of focus.
So many of the things we love are like that – the surrender of the mind to the intensity of the moment.
Painting, writing, physical activities, creating, making love.
We are richer for all of them.
Of course one could say curling up in flannel sheets might be similar.
No no no.
Must fight temptation and face the cold. It, too, is a consuming sensation.
We are so lucky, in our world filled with feeling…