A CanAssist success story … or having a relationship with the world

17 02 2013


A CanAssist success story ….


– Issues of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence including drowning and crocodile attacks are also are beginning to receive due attention/mitigation measures in discussions of women and children health. Also important to note is that women and children are relieved of labour, distance and time they walk daily in obtaining this basic resource. The beneficiaries are now able to translate the time and workload they usually face into education and other socio-economic developments.

Every once and awhile, if you are lucky, you meet a truly caring, selfless person. Even better if such a person has a sense of humour, wisdom, and a set of skills he or she can share with their community.

Physician John Geddes is one such person. I was fortunate to be able to work with him in Kingston, ON, and learned of his CanAssist program. Unlike a lot of other “charitable” organizations, this one doesn’t pad its organizers’ pockets. They work on small, useful projects like the ones described in his blog – projects that make a huge difference in the lives of people. Any funds raised go to the projects.

As you can probably tell, I am honoured by John’s friendship. I also want to support CanAssist’s work, but have some financial limitations to do so. I’m budgeting now to be able to donate now and on an ongoing basis. I’ll just redirect from somewhere else. We all can spare a bit, here and there.

It does my heart good to see this sort of thing happening. Please go check out their website, and donate a little or a lot as you can.

Lately, it seems there’s a wash of evil in the world. Little steps like this can do a great deal to stem the tide.

Here’s a link to a map of CanAssist’s projects and locations. I’m blown away by what they have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time.

What was that old quote by Margaret Mead and the results of a small group of committed people?




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17 02 2013

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