Happy happy joy joy

Okay, I’m officially going to be insufferable for a moment.

Writing and I have a difficult relationship. Sometimes we get along just fine, other times we struggle together. Sometimes I pause for entire hours wondering if that should be “writing and me”.

But every once and awhile I get a brief jolt of joy.
Today I found out I was one of the top runners up in the fantastical 3daynovel contest, the best legal fun you can have of a Labour Day weekend.

You see, you write a whole novel in 3 days. It’s fabulous. You end up slightly mad, almost totally high, wiped out and buzzed at the same time. Total body immersion is required. It’s also an excuse to baby yourself, eat M&Ms, and spend a weekend in your head.

I highly recommend it.

I’ve been published before in journals and magazines, won other prizes here and there, but the stuff I create in the potboiler that is the three day novel weekend is often my best work. One of my entries placed 4th in the Ken Klonsky novella contest; this one is definitely heading out to seek a home.

So so happy.

But I’m part of another contest this week – the New York Midnight short story contest. Have an idea, started the writing, now to finish with a song in my heart and hope of success.

1 thought on “Happy happy joy joy

  1. Roxana Nunez

    I can relate to the difficult relationship part. I know I am a writer at heart and I don’t care if I ever get published. The closest I get is my own blog. And yet, I cannot help wondering how cool that three day thing would be.

    You see, I have a job that pays for my ability to write as much as I want. Spending three days just writing like a lunatic sounds like a dream vacation.

    Congrats on your top runner position.


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