Being fresh

The theme for this month’s NaNoBloMo is “fresh”.
I am not feeling he freshness. I’m in the middle of moving and feeling both tired and grotty and I have the little stale milk chips from the now fresh fridge under my fingernails.
I’d like to crawl into my clean sheets but I’ve just hustled them through the washer in a last go round for my free washer and dryer – one of the disadvantages of my new place is that I have to share a washer. On the good side, I won’t have to listen to my dryer squeak for hours…so my sheets are damp and I am filthy and I am tired and smelly and wishing we could arrange moves like Matilda in Roald Dahl’s book and I could just gesture with my hand and things would fly into boxes.

I’ve always been considered “fresh”, though – a bit cheeky, a bit mouthy, somewhat out there when it comes to verbalizing my thoughts. I do try not to be unkind, but I seem to lack that inner monologue that lets me know when I go too far. Maybe I need one of those car beep beep horns like on that ad, a warning sound whenever I overstep?

How about you folks? Do you misspeak? Use inappropriate hyperbole? Overestimate the charm of your vocabulary and incisive wit?

1 thought on “Being fresh

  1. jcmarckx2009

    It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that I misspeak all the time. And even if I think that hyperbole is the greatest thing ever, I know that the outcome is sheer perfection. Every. Time.


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