My poor parrotlet, Dora, looks like the wrath of god. She’s been tearing her feathers out. Now, before you give me a lecture – I’ve taken her to the vet, she eats better stuff than I do, I play with her and she shares her cage with a pretty boy.
What’s not to be happy about?
Nevertheless, she seems stressed. Maybe it’s the almost spring. I’m finding it hard to even think positively as winter keeps up its death throes outside my window.
This year reminds me of the year we had out on the prairies, when it snowed for my youngest son’s birthday – may 3rd – and it was summer for my oldest’s -May 13. I suspect spring will skip by in a moment, leaving us gasping in her wake. And sweating.
I think we’re all, here above the parallel, struggling to get started. Waiting for…waiting for some opening in the greyness.
And around us families and friends are swamped with greyness, too, so we “lean in” to use a suddenly trendy expression, and take on their lives, too, whether they give them to us or not. We care, and so a bit of the life they are leading slips in around the edges.
And so we pluck our feathers, we chew at ourselves. Like Dora, we can self-destroy this way.
Or maybe we can use this time, as she does, to ask for some extra cuddling, some treats, a little tolerance til our feathers grow in again.

3 thoughts on “Stressing out

  1. Anonymous

    She’s pretty hardy…and has been plucking since she hit sexual maturity. I’m doing all I can…other than the bad feathers, she’s pretty happy overall.


  2. William Kelly

    I have not had to experience this with any of the three of mine. I hope that day never arrives as well. There are just so many reasons that they choose to pluck their feathers out. As long as she is warm and happy I don’t think that there is much you can do.
    Dora looks pretty content. Maybe a new toy to cut through boredom if she gets bored.
    I am sure that you have the situation well under control.
    All the best from me and my gang!


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