How’d I get so lucky?

How’d I get so lucky?

I’ve been a lucky gal. Though my mum has been gone seemingly forever, I’ve had the great good luck to be surrounded by wise, wonderful women who rally around and do the mom thing for me when needed.

My ex-mum-in-law, Wendy, was a key mom-in-loco-parentis. Wise and strong and funny and given to saying her mind, we got along most of the time, argued some of the time. She held me together through some rough bits and one of the reasons I’m glad I married her son was because I got to know her well.

I met a group of fabulous women in Annapolis Royal, NS, when I lived there for a bit – they are still in my world, though I haven’t seen them nearly often enough lately. They are wonderfully generative women, working towards a better world in whatever way they can, through political action or guidance of youth or running parts of the community.

And I have women friends who are seemingly always there to offer guidance and love and the occasional slap upside the head I need as I wander the world.

Lucky lucky me!

Sending my love to all my adopted mums everywhere – women-s-virtual-hug_design