Ok, ok, when those cute little USB keys came out I fell in love. Imagine, all of that info on such a tiny thing! It was miraculous.

It was also deadly.

See, you can carry those things around and put stuff on them from all over the place and they barely say they are full, and then you end up with piles of them, unlabelled, and a hunt on your hands.

I’ve been scanning for some chapters from my non-fiction W.I.P., Ms and intimacy. I’m trying to get a book proposal ready for sending out by the end of the month.

I’ve had several computer breakdowns in the past year or so, had to wipe my drives, and so forth, and so had cleverly put the files somewhere OFF the computer.

I HATE retyping.  I DO have a hard copy of my draft proposal, but I moved recently….and erm…well, I know it’s here SOMEPLACE. Exact location still unclear.

So for the past few days I’ve been looking through things, on the computer and off, muttering like I am possessed about how, “It’s gotta be here, someplace!”

Today I finally sorted out all of the sweet USB drives I have piled in my desk drawer. (They’re so cheap, see, I feel I must buy more of them so that I can separate my jobs and keep track of things…)

And I found the one with the proposal on it.