The witching hour

It’s 1:20 AM and I’m WIDE awake.
Perhaps it’s this new drug for my MS which seems to throw odd pockets of energy at me at odd times.
Perhaps it’s the day I’ve had, filled with writing, detective work, psychology, laughter, fun, pizza and foolishness, in approximately that order.

And then, surprisingly, finding a YouTube channel of someone I care for deeply, where he details the changes he is going through. He is both familiar and new, infuriating and inspiring. It was SO good to see him, hear his voice, see his smile, hear his voice deepen over the months to a masculine growl. Testosterone injections will do that to you.
He’d probably hate that I saw his entries, but hey, it’s the interwebs. Once out, always out.
As it were. I’m just so happy to see him, hungry for the sight of him.

In the midst of this I wavered in doubt about my writing projects, and my good friends were there to support me. I wrote a short short entry that may well lead to a story later. I organized and tidied and paid my bills and picked up my fantastic purple office chair, made of wood, comfy as anything, strong enough to survive me and go into the purple and unknown future, to someone who will appreciate its curves.

It was one of those days when you are aware you are storing up writing karma for later – thoughts percolating just under the surface, prickles of nascent ideas (use nascent in a sentence, children) tickling the synapses behind my eyes. I love these days. Every laugh, every moment, stirred something, made me think of places I could go with my head.

I am beginning to wonder if mysteries are really what I want to write. Literary fiction and poetry call more strongly to me and even my mysteries give away the bad guy at the beginning. Maybe a rethink is in order…

Before I shut down my computer, I listened to Ellen Degeneres’ convocation speech at TulaneEllen Degeneres
It was witty and wise, made the president burst out laughing several times, and ended with Ellen’s famous advice: Just Dance.

And so I shall. But perhaps not just now. I do have people living downstairs…

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