Style disconnection

I’m packing for my trip today, and it is immediately apparent I need a wardrobe consultant, pronto.
Nothing I have goes with anything else I have. My shirts are a mixup of Value Village finds and the rare new purchase, all cobbled together for comfort, rather than style.
And my shorts and pants don’t match them.
Don’t ask about dresses. It just isn’t worth bringing them up.
I feel the need for one of those insulting people from the fashion shows to come in to my closet and pull out all the horrible things I hang onto “just in case” and start me fresh with an assembled, appropriate look.
But then, what is the appropriate look for a round, short, writer type? A creative soul, who is a bit scattered?
I’m thinking muu muus but I fear I would look entirely too much like a potato.
So I struggle on…assembling myself somehow, gradually giving up on grace for comfort.
Thank heavens I am off to the cottage, where dress standards are relaxed.


2 thoughts on “Style disconnection

    1. dorothyanneb Post author

      Thanks for the tip. I’m so confused as a writer, veering between YA, non-fiction, and literary fiction and mystery, not sure WHAT to wear!
      Perhaps a quilted jacket?


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