ending the #3daynovel

Every time I do this wild weekend of writing, I am astonished at where the adventure takes me.
My plan was to write a mystery, involving a bus tour gone wrong. I was going to draw on my trip to Newfoundland and the people I met on tour, steal their personalities or at least the husk of them, tell a story filled with hidden flaws and miscommunications and red herrings and maltese falcons.
Instead a completely different story grew under my fingertips, demanding to be told, ending in a completely unexpected way.
I was blocked for a bit, not sure how to deal with the situation my character was mired in, but suddenly clarity flowed over me and I raced to the finish.
For any of you who haven’t tried this high pressure exercise in writing to a deadline, I encourage you to try it next year. If you are a new writer, it will force you to get started.
If you are an experienced writer, it will allow you to play in a way that a serious project won’t. You can let go, let your brain and fingers fly, not worry about the outcome.
Though I think the prizes should be left for unpublished writers. It offers hope at publication, a big prize.
Wishing all competitors success with the last few hours, and a welcome experience for us all.
Fingers weary, computer tired…

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