Adjusting to a new sphere of activity

It’s a smaller one. Somewhat constricted. My MS is cutting my ability to reach my tendrils outwards, find new and exciting experiences, wander hither and yon.
I still can wander, but I always pay for it with exhaustion and days of inactivity.
Still, there’s the ability to wander in my head, to write and read and think and laugh and do what needs to be done. Be a friend, care for others, laugh, make others laugh.
I merely need to accept this and move into my new, restricted circle. That’s all. A small thing.
But, funny thing, I do not want to.
I’ve always hated that comment that people make, falsely cheery, “I have MS, but it doesn’t have me!” Ridiculous. It lurks in our brains and spinal columns like a curled scorpion and even the most optimistic folk (like ol’ Pollyanna me) eventually realize that hey, it isn’t going to get better and no amount of positive thinking is going to make it go away. I’ve been damn lucky, with few problems up until the last year or two, but things are creeping up, adding up, tripping me up these days.
So. Adjusting. As the GPS says, “recalibrating…..recalibrating….seeking satellite signal…”

2 thoughts on “Adjusting to a new sphere of activity

  1. johnageddes

    I call my GPS “Lois”. I always find she is calm and resilient to change. She seems to always be able to find the route even though I may take her the long way. Hope your GPS is as steadfast as Lois seems to be.


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