Frumious writing day ahead…..

I’ve always liked the image of the frumious bandersnatch in Lewis Carroll’s wonderful Jabberwocky poem.
Heck, I’ve personified a frumious bandersnatch on a. Few days here and there. I sort of imagine it as a more medieval Tasmanian Devil character with sharper teeth and a more dedicated focus.
And perhaps a generally bad mood.
Though, I have always felt that creatures should be true to their natures. For that reason I don’t train my animals to do tricks that seem undignified…tempting though that may be.
So the frumious bandersnatch may appear bad-tempered but in reality he is just doing his thing.
Today I’m taking on the bandersnatchian mood with regard to my writing, planing to bite off huge bits of it, chew it up, spit it onto the page.
Have I mentioned I’m behind on Nanowrimo?
My cat, Bendicks, seems to have caught the mood. He’s racing around the apartment in wild crazy leaps, pouncing on minute bits of dust and killing them with extreme force.
Time to follow his example and attack the words in the same way.
But first I’d better feed him breakfast…