Rob Ford, parenting, enabling, and bad guys who write their own characters.

Goshens I am sick of the Rob Ford debacle. I wish someone would have advised him that he should have stepped down the minute he mentioned drinking and driving (he’s just said he told other councillors caught for DUI that it was okay and helped them “move on”). Breaking the law as an elected official is a bit like abuse by priests. Yes, it’s terrible whoever does it, but it is more terrible when people in a position of trust do it.
It’s just f#%^king wrong, as Mr. Ford might say, in front of kids.
It’s particularly wrong when those people enable others in positions of trust to commit the same crimes.
It’s all completely disgusting and in the middle of it all, there’s Mr. Ford’s mum saying that Robbie’s only trouble is his weight problem. And his brother saying he should have done his drinking in the basement. The guy has an addiction problem. Someone should get him to get help. I can’t believe the complete denial of the problem – it speaks to the covering up of addiction problems generally. Why can’t we admit there is an alcohol problem, that abuse of alcohol causes innumerable evils in the world, and that people addicted to it need help?

When writing bad guys in fiction, it’s important to make them nuanced, with good parts and bad. But sometimes when I write these characters, they take over the narrative, and do more bad things, badder things, more heinous crimes than what I originally planned. It’s like the character takes control of my pen or keyboard and commands me to make them more evil. Occasionally, they get out of hand and I have to go back and rewrite them, give them a better balance, erase a few missteps.

If only Mr. Ford could do the same thing.

4 thoughts on “Rob Ford, parenting, enabling, and bad guys who write their own characters.

  1. Diane Tibert

    I agree. He’s making a mockery out of the justice system. He should have done the wise thing and stepped down a few weeks ago before he made a bigger fool of himself, his wife and his family. For all the good he may have done while in office, this is what he’ll be remembered for.


  2. William Kelly

    It is far from over, I would think that there is still stuff that has not come to light. “I’m sorry” only goes so far. The continual lies told by both Ford Brothers.
    What I see is a guy that loves the lime light, and it makes no difference if it is good publicity or bad as long as his name is in lights.
    I really question the money that is claimed to have been saved, at what cost, there are a lot of services that have been cut.
    I am actually happy to say that I don’t live in the city any longer and watch from a distance. You can all watch the poor victim show now, that is where it is headed.
    Sadly no one can help the man if he does not want help, never mind admit that he has a serious problem.


    1. dorothyanneb Post author

      It’s astonishing, isn’t it? Just saw the interview with Peter Mansbridge, filled with bravado and lies and weirdness. They are so focused on his weight – not the drunk driving, which he had admitted and now denies, he shouldn’t be charged because other people do bad things…I can’t bear it.


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