Snow Day

There’s a blizzard blowing outside and my windows howl anon – should’ve thought of that when the up high views of lake and harbour stole my heart. I can’t even see the usual pigeons and seagulls being flung by – it’s a complete white out from here, sounds muffled save for the howl and the scraping of snowplows doing the ineffective rounds. People really should learn from one another. In the prairies, side plowing was generally left until the major blowing was done. It’s prairie cold here today and the snow is the same – air light and untrappable. No sooner do they plow the parking lot than it swoops in again.
But nevertheless, it’s a perfect snow day. I still have power (knock wood) and hot coffee and I am warm and have the time to curl up and finish a book or so.
Bendicks the cat is clingy in a storm so I even have purring company, though he refuses to learn to make me a coffee. I’m cooking up mash for my wee birdies so they can have some warm cereal to heat their tums. It smells like oatmeal and reminds me I have cookies hidden somewhere.
Now all I need are some kids to dress in rustling snow suits and send out to play, trussed up so they can barely move a limb. I feel certain this is why Canadian children grow up so strong – having to press against the multiple layers of impenetrable clothing while breathing through dampened scarves must make their muscles grow.
But as I sit here in the warmth, I can’t help think of those in the cold, the homeless, the lonely, the cat less, the ones without their own coffee pot. I am grateful, and I remember I never got around to donating money for the needy here. There are so many places in need, here and abroad, that I couldn’t make up my mind.
As the wind sings by me, I know I can’t wait any longer. Time to commit some money where my mouth goes.