Cabin fever

This winter, so far, has merrily trapped many of us in our homes, putting storms and freezing rained upon roads outside, making our lights and hearts dim.
I’m fortunate enough to have lots of warm accommodation, complete with hot and cold running cat, but I am restless still. Because I am having leg issues with my MS, the prospect of walking around on slippery sidewalks doesn’t appeal, and my view is impaired by fog and blowing snow.
So feeling a bit restless and trapped. Fretful. In need of sun and fresh veggies and fresh air.
Tomorrow, after the drenching rain, the air is supposed to clear and get warm.
I can’t wait.
I know it’s a short respite, but I’m grateful for anything at this point. There’s only so much making the cat chase laser pointers can do for one…

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