November 30

Please donate. This is one of the charities out there very worth supporting.


At age 92, my Dad announced that he would like to go to Africa. He had never been there but he had developed a connection, in part, through the work that I do with the CanAssist African Relief Trust. Over the past few years he donated support to two small schools in Kenya and was honoured that one of the communities named their school after him – The S.P. Geddes Early Childhood Development Centre. This proved to be a long title that was challenging to fit onto the school gate. Something like naming a Kingston street The Tragically Hip Way.

The logistics of taking a 92 year old on a 30 hour plane trip and then negotiating rough roads and drop toilets meant that Dad never made it to Africa. He passed away quietly this autumn almost 95 years old, having lived a satisfying long life but he never made…

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1 thought on “November 30

  1. johnageddes

    Thanks, DA for helping to spread the word about CanAssist. I do believe that we are an efficient and effective charity helping in African communities. Thanks for believing in us, too.


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