I’m so popular!!!

twitter_follow_meGosh. My little heart is overwhelmed. Today I had three new people start following me on Twitter. I’ve got 532 followers now.

Makes my heart feel all warm and cuddled.

Except that 75% of these are either self-published authors who do nothing, nothing, nothing of interest except use the platform to advertise their books, or people who offer to help me promote my self-published book.

I don’t have a self-published book.

I may in the future, but you can bet your callused writing fingers that I won’t be hiring some shady Twitter creeper to help me market it. And I HAVE bought the occasional book from a twitter feed (see William Frederick), but that’s cos his twitter comments were funny, they made me snort coffee out of my nose, they engaged me and I wanted to read more of what he had to say. His book is a fun romp, too – I encourage y’all to check it out. And God. His/Her tweets are worth a read.

Oh, you social media people, do please stop to think about all the noise out there. People will not be enchanted by repeated entreaties to buy books. Tell them a story, tell them about you, make them look by doing something silly. Make it worth their while to spend the time with you.

As for my twitter friends, well, sorry if I’m not in touch with you all. I rarely tweet and if I do, it’s all about current events or things that grab my attention. Your multi-hashtags and repeated titles  – not so much.

See you on the inter webs.

1 thought on “I’m so popular!!!

  1. Judy Penz Sheluk

    Good one DA. I try to tweet other people’s news, interesting articles, the odd comic, and occasionally, something from my website (a blog, which often is an interview with another writer). There is nothing worse than someone who is “well, enough about me, here’s more about me.” And BUY MY BOOK is just a turnoff.


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