Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Three

2 11 2016

Ah such fun on this blog site. Here are some 6-word stories. Think I may try playing with some myself!

unbolt me

The aghast ghost of Hemingway harrumphs,
“I haven’t sufficient six word stories,
you fools. Less is not more.
More is more. Feed me now!
Make me a corpulent fiction fiend
for minimalist tales – my Hors d’oeuvres!”

Story 1:
I’m stuck here, tomorrow never arrives.
by Bloghettihoops

Story 2:
Yeah! I will surely try them!
Story 3:
All of them are so cool!
by Meher

Story 4:
Eyes are the most attractive part.
by Bridget the Ladybug

Story 5:
His are cold, hers are dead.
by Violet Online

Story 6:
It’s strange this six-word thing.
Story 7:
Excuse an Englishman his cricket metaphors.
Story 8:
Hit by lyrics of a miss.
Story 9:
Scrub the nonsense will you please.
Story 10:
I can’t resist these damn things!
by EDC Writing

Story 11:
“Let’s talk.” He closed his eyes.
by Wordwool

Story 12:
Every word makes you ask questions.
by Nadia

Story 13:
“I see,”…

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