Great blog about the experience of taking one’s books to a fair and trying to have an impact. It reminds me of my mother taking on my home ec teacher (when I couldn’t get my work done because there were only five sewing machines for a class of 30, and we couldn’t take out things home) – teacher said I was “too much of a lady”, and then she somehow got fired. Just saying…

My cousin-in-law, the author of this blog, is obviously a gentleman. Thank heavens there are some of them left.


One thought on “I LASTED FIFTEEN MINUTES (or the terrors of self-promotion at book fairs)

  1. ‎Reminds of the little old lady in the “church” nursery who told me my 2 year old daughter (2 at the time… 30 next week) needed to toughen up. When I asked why, she said because when the other children in the nursery hit her, she didn’t hit back. Another… go figure!!

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