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6 08 2017

This is a huge pile of goodness from Sara Letourneau.

Worksheets about all different parts of story development from story arcs to character personalities! Sara’s blog is well worth a follow, too. She works with the DIY MFA crowd, a source of many helpful articles for when the thrashing about in your head gives up…

Source: Worksheets for Writers




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8 08 2017

*blushes* Thank you so much for sharing, Dorothy. Hope you’ve been doing well since Iceland. I’ve sort of fallen off the Facebook wagon; life has been really busy and stressful the past few months, so I haven’t had a lot of mental / emotional energy to go on there and see how everyone’s been doing since the retreat.


8 08 2017

Sorry to hear it, Sarah! I’ve been awash in a MS relapse but I think it may be easing off a bit.. trying to get off FB and back into creating!

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8 08 2017

:/ Sorry to hear about that, Dorothy. Hope you can get back into the creative flow soon. I’ve been able to stay in it despite what’s been going on. In fact, it might be my saving grace right now…


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