Happy November!

It’s louder live. Click for movie from NS Webcams!

I’m watching an incredible windstorm slap leaves into building walls. The harbour is filled with whitecaps and I haven’t seen the ferry in some time. Only seagulls are daring the wind – the other birds have gone into hiding, and I can’t blame them. It’s oddly warm for November, fooling the cat, who wants to go out until I open the door and he gets blown back into the kitchen cupboards. He hates when his fur is mussed.

In short, it’s November. Many folks hate this month, but I have a fondness for it. It’s my birthday month and so I like to celebrate another year on the right side of the sod. Though last night I spent some time looking over the void that has been the past few years (when I’m in THAT mood, I forget everything I’ve ever done and visualize me streaming bad TV and eating chips) and panicking slightly. Been coasting somewhat.  Must stop.

It is time

When you have virtually no other demands on your time, you tend to let things slide. I, for example, have been postponing gross patrol in my fridge for some time. Now I’m afraid to look. Maybe if I do it today and leave my door open, the wind will chase out any miasma…


It is also time

But first, writing. I’ve started my publishing house. Now I need to people it with writings. And finish tarting up my novel. There’s one gaping plot swamp, identified by the glorious Sylvie Spraakman, who specializes in swamps and so was able to spot it immediately. I am both grateful and horrified, as draining it will require at least another chapter or more (sorry about the draining the swamp image).

So, tuning into Nanowrimo.  I shall add at least 50, 000 words to my writing (novel plus
etceteras) by the end of November or perish in the attempt. If you want to see my struggles, buddy me on the Nano site – my name is Hyacinthh. 

Image result for Tugboat in waves

Tugboat PeeWee II – not is Halifax Harbour but loved the name

 There’s a trusty tugboat out in the harbour now, bravely escorting naval ships out to the much scarier open ocean. I’m going to take a tugboat as my mental image and push on, through wind and waves and the tail end of horrible colds and isolation and other such foolishness and git ‘er done.

7 thoughts on “Happy November!

  1. Kate Ferris

    I so enjoy reading these! Good luck with the “Fridge Fear”. Since I have no sense of smell, I was always given the job of clearing out the staff room fridge at Christmas, Easter and before Summer holidays “because you won’t smell it”! No – but I could still SEE it! Yuck! Thanks for a beautiful start to my November!


  2. shewrite63

    Happy Birthday month to you. Good luck with the writing this month. I never had the energy or commitment for nanowrimo. Creative endeavours these days are trying new recipes from Chef Ricardo’s “Vegetables First” book. It’s also a good reason to use the stove and oven which gives me much comfort this time of year. It brings me joy when I can share with others too. No leftovers or moldy growths in the fridge here!

    Keep pushing on, keeping on with keeping on in this mortal toil – above the soil 😀

    p.s. I have noticed something foggy with your latest WP theme esp. for the comments section where text is grey on grey.



    1. dorothyanneb Post author

      Thanks so much for your comments and happy cooking! I love soup season myself…hmm. Must make some today!

      Suffering from autocorrect Dorothyanne Brown



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