Theme songs, Ally McBeal, and how (maybe) to get your NaNoWriMo mojo back

There’s something SO fun about the scene above. In the story, our weird little lawyer fellow (John Cage) is having trouble getting himself psyched up for a case. He is suddenly overcome by his theme song…and there he is, ready to win.

One of the charming things in the show Ally McBeal was the thought that everyone needed their own theme song. A way to get into your mood, shake the cobwebs, focus on your dreams and goals. Even better is having your friends and colleagues support you in this, take on your song but never take it over, follow your lead.

Another part of the charm was the animation of thoughts, and this is why I will never part with my boxed set of the show. The dump truck animation is one I’ve used a lot in my recent past (dating sites, you know what I mean). Ally imagines a garbage truck backing into a lot. A flat version of the person she’s dumping goes spinning head over feet into the truck.

(Fortunately, I’m out of the game now, so no need to revisit the beep beep beep…)

(But then, maybe, it’s more about loss of mojo? Perhaps I only need a new theme song??)

Nah. Though that song always enlivens, it isn’t enough for THAT mojo. Anything-other mojo, yeah. Bring it on! Just let me turn up the music…

Working on NaNoWriMo, I’ve been fighting a pretty exciting case of vertigo. On the one hand, this means I am quite happy sitting in a non-moving chair. On the other:


It’s at times like this when the support of friends is so lovely, desperately needed, desired. The quiet, off-scene support. Because…writing. Because it is impossible for me to think when people keep disturbing me with little things like texting, calling, checking for my pulse… Because my little grey cells are sparking (or not) and I am grabbing for the blips of light while I can still follow them. It’s more challenging  with the vertigo, and even my beloved cat gets the stink eye when he wants attention. Not that he isn’t perfectly capable of giving one back

Image result for cat stink eye

not my cat but a close approximation

I’m extremely lucky to have a bunch of friends (and a delightful niece)(rock on SG!) who understand all this, and also probably forgive my continued absence from social gatherings. My brain is full, squashed to the edges, unable to manage outer thoughts. At least, I assume they understand. Perhaps they have moved on and tipped me into their garbage truck? Beep beep beep…

I’m hoping not, that at the end of this gruelling project, I’ll see them again. Perhaps we’ll even have a party. Maybe they will join me in my theme song dance.

Because anyone who is creative knows this need for silence, AND the need for dancing.

And hey, everyone is creative. In all sorts of different ways. Maybe you do quantum physics. Maybe you find ways to keep your cranky family together. Maybe you tie string to a couple of sticks and make something new. Maybe you lecture challenging students who argue at you all the time. Maybe you capture the world as it should be or is or as you imagine.

So, what’s YOUR theme song? C’mon, tell me. Put it in the comments below. And let’s create (separately) and sing or dance together. But first:


ALLY MCBEAL: “A BARRY WHITE BIRTHDAY” from Craig Nevius on Vimeo.