Advice to Book Borrowers (Book Inscriptions)

The following are some book inscriptions found on old books warning book borrowers to return the books that they borrow: Neither blemish this book, or the leaves double down, Nor lend it to each idle friend in the town; Return it when read; or, if lost, please supply Another as good to the mind and […]

Advice to Book Borrowers (Book Inscriptions)

2 thoughts on “Advice to Book Borrowers (Book Inscriptions)

  1. Dolly Hei

    Hey, DA, looked for your book and need to know if it is available in print, not just online, like Kindle. I do want to read it but I don’t Kindle.

    Love your book lenders’ warnings. Have been talking to nine and eleven year old great-grands about the sin of dog-earing – will share one of these that they can understand.

    Going to a school today to read to kids during the Dr. Seuss weeklong celebration. Have read those books to my own three generations and helped new readers learn with them.


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