A no doubt (unintentionally) offensive little poem about people who are having a bad day and like to share.

(with apologies in many directions for so many things)

On the fellow who ran down the Capitol police, or the other guy who shot all those women, or that vile fellow in Nova Scotia, or …(insert tragedy here)

Individualism is all very well

Until yours sends mine right to hell

You may have a truly bad day

But you’ve no right to make mine that way

So please keep your self-pity on hold

You just aren’t that vital, you know

And don’t think you are right to kill

Just because your wee life treats you ill.

PS: Though suicide is often quite sad

And I so hope you don’t feel that bad

Please pause to have a wee think

About those you drive to the brink.

Killing cops so they shoot you is crazy

(Or maybe its just kinda lazy?)

Comments? What do you think?

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