A little bit about me

I’m a retired nurse, writer, and creative “try anything once” woman, who has been a freelance writer for the past 15 years inbetween family, work, and other demands. I’ve been published in Army Times, Country Connection, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Canadian Author’s Association Anthology Canwrite 2006.  I’ve also won honorable mentions in the CAA competition and at the Scene of the Crime Festival, and won the 2010 Bloody Pete, a very sweet little skeleton, at the Bloody Words Conference… I’ve entered the 3daynovel contest several times and still prefer this path to outlining. I’ve even placed in the top dozen once! Please check out my writings on the various pages.

After my career as a nurse, where I learned how to give a good needle – so much so that when I immunized my son’s class they wanted to come for the next shot – I thought I’d use this skill on less mobile targets and began to work with fibres, wet and needle felting them. My experience in pottery and sculpting and curiosity about animals led to sculptures of wildebeasts and anteaters as well as owls, dogs, cats, birds and the occasional lemur. I also felt people, mermaids, gnomes, dragons, and unicorns, or wherever else my imagination sends me. I began felting in 2014 and my needles have been rarely still since then.

My sculptures are formed over a wire armature and are made of 100% natural fibres from sheep, goats, llamas, and rabbits. Most are created using a single needle-felting needle; pelts are hand blended. They are gently poseable and squeezable, but are not suitable for children’s toys. I make custom animals as well, and have created sculptures of favourite horses, dogs and cats. My work has been featured at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax, NS.




7 responses

24 05 2011

I’m pleased to meet you. Tell me how did you hear of little ol’ me?
Is it through my website?


24 05 2011

hi Nicole – Contacted you after you commented on my blog -we must have run into each other somehow!


21 11 2011

Hey….what a GREAT blog you have, former classmate!


21 11 2011

Ooops…I didn’t mean to be Anonymous….I DO have a name.


13 02 2012
Genevieve Graham

Nice to meet you, fellow NS author! Thanks for subscribing to my blabbing on fb.


16 11 2018
Dolly Hei

Dorothyanne, I am a California woman who connected with one Dorothyanne Brown in 1976 because of an address book of hers that I found and returned when she was a senior in high school in Washington State. Just found the letters we exchanged and would love to return them to the writer and am taking a long shot that you might be that very Dorothyanne. The unusually spelled name does cut down the field a bit, and I can imagine her becoming a writer and artist, based on her writing back then. I am 86 now, have used a computer for 30 years and still have lots to learn, but I’m up for a search when I’m intent on finding someone. Might I have hit my target on my first try? My full name too is Dorothy Ann and that lovely young girl and I had a lively exchange for a short time in ’76. Thanks for your attention. Your work looks fascinating!


17 11 2018

I am in fact that very Dorothyanne Brown!!! I would love to reread the letters – I found your address some years ago and wondered where you were these days! I have thought of you often and remember with great fondness our writing. Please do recontact me or send me your email! I’m at dorothyanneb@gmail.com. I live in Dartmouth , NS now and we are in the midst of a postal strike in Canada, mailing might be a challenge for a while. I hope you are okay in the wild fires there -horrifying!
I am smiling ear to ear- so glad you reached out!


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