Starting this up, with the plan to publish my novel (and part of a trilogy) under this house name. Bought the domain. Studying the process.

Taking an excellent course by Mark Dawson: Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula. * Astonishing amounts of info. Focused more on marketing than I expected, but then, what’s the point of writing a book if no one reads it? Well worth the expense, especially if you’d like to make money with publishing. I am agog at the thought of writing 6 books a year…But the good thing is, the knowledge I gain should be a help in potentially publishing YOUR books, if you’ll let me!

Before I start things up, I’ll be putting some teasers on this page – things I’ve already written, short stories, bad poetry to amuse, etc. Enjoy!

Choosing an image for my press, deciding. Will post when I have things narrowed down. Would appreciate your insight!


First book from Somewhat Grumpy Press is out:

In ebook and paperback from Amazon everywhere.

Recycled Virgin (Scleratis Series Book 1) by [Brown, DA, Brown, Dorothyanne]

Second in the series: Deceiving the Devil, will be out June 2020.Deceiving the Devil (Scleratis Book 2) by [Brown, DA]

*More about the inimitable Mark Dawson, who I hope to try to imitate. Imagine, making money from books!