Somewhat Grumpy Press

Somewhat Grumpy Press logo - a stylized Pallas's cat head.

I started Somewhat Grumpy Press in 2020, to be a publisher for my novel Recycled Virgin and to be a resource to help other writers publish their work. A few years later, and under the capable hands of Tim Covell, Somewhat Grumpy Press has published three novels, distributes a book of poetry, and has several novels in the wings.

Somewhat Grumpy Press offers à la carte services for fiction and non-fiction authors, including manuscript review, editing, formatting, web site design, and hybrid publishing. It is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, and offers publishing services consistent with IBPA Guidelines.

While I am no longer involved with the day-to-day operations of the company, I continue to offer manuscript evaluations and editing services. These are available regardless of whether you plan to publish with Somewhat Grumpy Press, another press, or on your own. In the past year I’ve worked on two YA fantasy novels, a thriller, a post-apocalyptic story, and a historical novel. I’ve also been asked to judge various contests, from mystery short stories and books to novellas.

In my previous life I completed a Masters in health policy and planning, a Diploma in epidemiology, and a BSc in nursing. I worked several years in creating and editing health care messaging for public health, and worked extensively in quality assurance and evaluation. With this background, I’m also happy to edit university papers and essays, especially on subjects such as healthcare and nursing. If you’d like me to evaluate or edit your manuscript, contact me via Somewhat Grumpy Press.