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About You, from Biblioklept


I MAY put this on my next dating profile.

Just saying.

About You.

The Worst Poetry I Have Ever Read

The Worst Poetry I Have Ever Read.

Oh my golly! I laughed so hard coffee came out my nose reading this.

Early shades of “shades of” – dreck that is unreasonably popular. Goshens I’d like to hear the audiobook of “This is My Beloved”.

I MAY have to buy the ebook.

I could use the laughs…

Read “A Baby Tramp,” A Short Story by Ambrose Bierce

Read “A Baby Tramp,” A Short Story by Ambrose Bierce.

From the Awesome Biblioklept blog where I have spent many a happy hour….

stories repeat, and repeat, and repeat. They have the comfort of an old song. And yet, the tunes are different, the instruments vary. Isn’t is marvelous! This blog is filled with serendipitous loveliness. Pictures, excerpts from old books, titles of books long forgotten. Subscribe and be surprised every day.


How many brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins of all degrees a little story has! And how few of the tales we listen to can lay any claim to originality! There is scarcely a story which I hear which I cannot connect with some family of myths, and whose pedigree I cannot ascertain with more or less precision.

Shakespeare drew the plots of his plays from Boccaccio or Straparola; but these Italians did not invent the tales they lent to the English dramatist. King Lear does not originate with Geofry of Monmouth, but comes from early Indian stores of fable, whence also are derived the Merchant of Venice and the pound of flesh, ay, and the very incident of the three caskets. But who would credit it, were it not proved by conclusive facts, that Johnny Sands is the inheritance of the whole Aryan family of nations, and that Peeping Tom…

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