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So what’s that you said? Let me just misquote you…

Okay, just to begin, I need to remind people that my blog is a blend of creative non-fiction (which allows for some hyperbole) and fiction (which is totally made up). There are ways one puts things to make writing more interesting; these might heighten emotions or seem dramatic or cause friction, but if the purpose of a blog is to be read, one has to be out there a bit.

I doubt very much that you would enjoy me writing on about my lunch – toast and peanut butter – a routine luncheon to save money – and about how I even so have to share the crusts with the dog as he feels any food is his by rights. It’s much more interesting it I can write about the desperate search for that one more knife-ful of peanut butter to cover the very last corner on the very last piece of non-mouldy bread that I alas, have overtoasted – and how I can’t get my legs to take me out for a grocery run as my body requests a nap, RIGHT now, but I can’t because the aforesaid dog has sorted my laundry for me all over the bed. As it were. Now, all of these things may or may not have happened at once. Or at all. Strangely, as a fiction writer, I MAY HAVE MADE THEM ALL UP!

Now, as most fiction writers will tell you, a lot of what they write comes from real life, with names changed to protect the innocent or less so. As most creative non-fiction writers would say, certain factors may have been heightened to make a point. It’s a muddy borderline. And difficult to prove.

That said, the feelings expressed in this blog are real, and for that I apologize if I’ve hurt anyone. Sometimes I do not have all the information available when I blog. For example, I may have received the wrong information about someone and might talk about that in random ways. My life is occasionally raw, and my feelings come out in this blog, because otherwise the pages would be filled with meaningless drivel. Which they are, but it’s meaningless drivel with FEELING, dammit.

So, as a general disclaimer, I don’t feel things written in my blog should be held against me, especially in a court of law. But apparently they can. Rejoice. I blocked the blog in an attempt to avoid this but apparently I remain responsible, and as a person with a disability with a need for outside contact, I like this little venue. I like hearing back if I’ve written something nicely. I like hearing the other, too. It’s a way to remain connected to family members and friends around the globe, and it’s good writing practice for me.

Oddly coincidentally, I am listening to CBC wherein they are talking on DNTO about how people were fired for rolling their eyes in a meeting. Apparently the case went to the Supreme Court, eventually allowing people to roll their eyes with freedom in the US. I wonder if it is also true here. Because I am rolling my eyes here, now, fiercely, in many directions.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/historyinphotos/favorites/?view=lg     Isn’t it lovely?