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NaBloPoMo Blop-ing to the end…


images-8So here we are at the end of Nanowrimo (at which I failed miserably) and NaBloPoMo, where I missed three days out of the month, pretty good average, I’d say, since it’s been a crazy as usual month, filled with the usual sturm und drang, a phrase I’ve used ever since I absorbed it from my Norse-God-like boyfriend back in the 70’s. (Note: sponsor Wikipedia – we need it!)

So, what have I learned?

Well, I learned that setting a small goal, like writing a blog every day, is do-able for me and a lot less scary than the “take on a novel thing.” Whereas I can sit down and dash off fairly coherent thoughts here, forcing myself to write doesn’t work so well.

So maybe I should try to fool myself into thinking I am blogging my novel.

I learned that some search terms bring readers. Had an unusually high response to my reblog about porn., for example. One feels the occasional temptation to title everything “50 Shades of Grey” just to catch the traffic. (Click link to see Ellen DeGeneres trying to read it, with sound effects)

I learned I can write blogs and add photos on my iPod touch, which made me fall even more in love with this marvelous piece of electronics. Of plague-inc-feature-1course, it’s hard to do a blog entry when you are in the midst of a good game of Plague Inc. (dang that fungus level is hard) and ALMOST everyone is dead but the cure is at 95%.

I’ve learned that I will obsessively play Plague Inc. instead of writing.

I’ve learned that a lot of interesting people are out there blogging, and some of them visited my blog and said nice things and I am grateful for every like. It feels good if I can reach someone.

I’ve learned I should also be putting some more time into my MS blog, but primarily into my MS book.

And I realized that I need to take on this writing thing like a job and make it work for me.

Pretty good stuff for a month of slight introspection. Thanks for coming along with me.

So, where to now? Well, yesterday I was working with the developer of a monitoring system for a disease, reviewing the computer system they’d created. In the program, there was a list of countries people where people might have been born. To my shock, I hadn’t heard of a lot of these places. So, for the next month, I’ll investigate one place a day.

Hope you enjoy…


Playing with words

My boys loved Lego. I love dithering about with words. I find it similar – you take tiny little pieces of things and then stick them together to make something larger and more special than any of them alone. Similar to needle felting, another recent craze.

I’m distracted today. It’s gorgeous outside and on Facebook, the latest issue of Lapham’s Quarterly is being talked about. From what I can tell, it’s all about words. There have been some wonderful postings about marginalia, those things others have written on the edges of books, around the type. I must confess I treasure these myself when I find them. They let me feel a link to the others who read the book, give me a window into their thoughts.

So in my little mind, I start to think about what it would be like if libraries had a section where people were encouraged to write comments in the books…and I vow that I’ll be making notes in my own books. They’ll help me understand myself as I look back.

I find my scrawlings in old cookbooks are revealing, for example. I see notes about who liked what, about how to make things better, about recipes I vowed never to make ever again.
But I rarely write in other books. I was always told this was unspeakably evil.

and yet…

Playing with words means breaking some of the rules – putting the red Lego brick where the grey one should go, turning castles into spaceships, walks into mystical voyages.

Maybe it’s time to write outside the lines.