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On Olympics coverage, or how I am becoming a rabid feminist

There’s a phrase rumbling around the inter webs lately, something like, “When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” I’ve seen it here and there and it resonates with me, with the ENDLESS whining of white men about how hard done they are by having to compete with women for jobs (tho still women suffer with lower pay and less advancement), the growling by Trump-ettes about how they want THEIR country back, yadda yadda. (From another all white almost all male show).

34263_G06_W01But it’s the Olympic coverage that is really driving me insane. I can just barely stand the men chirping about how gosh gee isn’t it cute how all the medals are being won (by Canada) by the WOMEN! The surprise in the voices if the male commentators is annoying but given that our Canadian women are rocking the stats, I can afford to be calm. Last night I just about spat, though. Here are the women, doing their swimming to pretty muted colour commentary, doing the VERY SAME races as the men did right afterwards, and the male commentators went all orgasmic gettyimages-586857690over the men’s 200 meter freestyle – “This is the epic race of the Olympics in swimming”¬†– as if the only important race was this one, and the women’s exactly same race meant nothing.


The same is true for the track and field competitions. All focus is on the men, the women compete as a sideline. At least, when listening to the commentary.


What with the blatant misogyny of the current political atmosphere in the US, and the endless revelations that gee golly, yeah, women have been attacked in taxis here in Halifax but you don’t actually expect us to spend time on such things (say the Halifax police, a group with an abysmal record of solving violent crimes against women from what I hear), I’m getting pretty fed up.

images-7I’m so tired of men thinking they should have nice things just because they have an extra dangly appendage (which looks frankly ridiculous when just hanging about, truly) (though I do enjoy some of its conformations, I admit). I’m tired of the blather and the need to prop up fragile male egos while we women thrash along in our own personal situations and just bloody make do, thank you very much.

I’m tired of the assumption of sex when many are happy to share if asked nicely. When it’s expected, it ruins it, y’know? Grabby grabby never gets. Well, except in Halifax, apparently, where it is an added bonus of a taxi ride with one or two men (No need to slur all taxi drivers with the same charge).

I’m tired of every time a woman makes a name for herself she is either ignored or derided. Called a bitch, hated, or in Trump’s and other’s cases, put on the firing line (in all senses of the word). Or stoned or raped, or otherwise destroyed. It’s got to stop. And while you may not equate bad coverage in the Olympics with stoning a woman in Saudi Arabia because her brother raped her, hell! It’s all of a piece!

I’m sick of all womanly achievements being made less than a male equivalent, despite the additional work she has necessarily done to achieve them.

Argh. And yet, I do love men. Or I did, though I am finding them a little tiresome lately. (Except for you know who you are – you I adore).

Just stop the endless whining, will ya? And give some props to that other gender, one of many yes I know and I’m all for trans rights and gay rights and all that, but hell, I’d like to see the women get some props first. After all, we’re over half the population.

It’s enough to make me swear like a sailor.


WHYanmar, Myanmar?

bm_large_locatorThis is what one gets when you ask someone to pick letters for you to get the country you should write about that day. I get Myanmar, a beautiful country located somewhat appropriately on the “balls” section of Southeast Asia, lying along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

Back when it was Burma, it was only regularly corrupt and killed and tortured people only following British rules for same.

Now, though, it rates near the top of the pops for corruption and human rights violations, ruination of children, human trafficking, and the ever popular jailing people for talking.

Oh I know, things are supposed to be getting better and tra la tra la the world is happily trading with Myanmar now, but sheesh. It has a long way to go before it is the sort of country you’d want to ask over for dinner, let alone a long weekend.

Maybe drinks. Or a drink.

But you just know if it gets a lot of liquor under its belt it will become all thrashy and argumentative and kill a bunch of helpless civilians or put Aung San Suu Kyi back in house arrest again on rice rations. It’s happened before.

It seems that kind of place, given to thrusting itself around. People are poor, despite the rubies and diamonds lying about. There’s no spending on infrastructure, health, education. You know, people.

But for some reason many western countries have decided to get all palsy-walsy with the place of late – US presidential visits, cosy little meetings here and there with various other “civilized” places. I know there have been big steps toward a more open society, but I can’t help but wonder if there is something else behind the new friendliness.

Lessee. What’s the CIA Fact Book say about resources?

petroleum, timber, tin, antimony, zinc, copper, tungsten, lead, coal, marble, limestone, precious stones, natural gas, hydropower.

You know, if I were a suspicious kind of gal, I might think there was a plot afoot to get some copper or something, or tin, or even a diamond or two.

And as for the poor kids/women/boys forced into sexual slavery? Hey, that’s just good for trip distractions….especially if you’re with the CIA…(sorry)

woman forced into labour in 2007

woman forced into labour in 2007


Sorry. I sound bitter. It’s just that some places are almost unbelievably precious – like jewel-strewn Myanmar – and yet so filled with evil. It breaks my heart. I mean, they have TIGERS in Myanmar/Burma. They have over 800 species of birds. Hundreds of species of fish, monkeys, flying foxes.

BM_010Beautiful temples. Beautiful people. Rubies, diamonds, precious stones…

So here’s to you, now-Canadians who have left Myanmar. Welcome. We are glad to have you here and may you live in safety and security and feel comfortable even though your oppressively pretty¬†country is nowhere near.

Thank goodness.