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Who’s the smart one, eh?

I have several books about dog parenting and management, and a small white defenseless toy poodle who I am sure reads them all when I am out, in order to prep himself for my attempts at discipline.

The annoying thing is he, catlike, CAN do what I ask.  He merely chooses to ignore me. He has recently learned how to jump silently from floor to chair to table to investigate any leftovers from meals. He knows I don’t like it – I let him know that.  But he still does it. In fact, the other day I was discussing with a friend how he was not allowed on the table and the dog immediately jumped onto the coffee table, as if to say – harumph. Like she can stop me!

I’m packing for a move, so there are various things left out here and there.  I have to be quick to hide away anything I don’t want thoroughly investigated and tasted.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I suspect it will be the death of me, as I fly from box to bag to dog to box again.

And then there’s the barking. He knows not to bark. He is usually quiet.  But when he decides he needs to impart information, like – hey – there’s a cat! – he just won’t let it go. Ever.

He reminds me of my youngest son, who had me cased from birth.  I was just too tired to fight everything out with him. This pup knows I will eventually give up; he can wear me down.

But I AM the holder of the treats, and this gives me an advantage. Sometimes. Except he knows exactly where I keep them, and I give him three more weeks before he figures out how to  open that drawer.

Sometimes I feel so inadequate…..